Plagiarism checker offers a free plagiarism checker tool that scans your paper and checks plagiarism in it so that you can generate a unique and original piece of text. Our tool is equally beneficial either you are a student, professional writer, or blogger. 

Key features

  • In-depth checking

Our tool is using advanced AI technology that checks your content to in-depth search for all similarities and duplication to other online sources. Its strong databases go deep into the internet sources and filter your text against the vast online libraries and fetch the original and authentic material. 

  • Accuracy in results 

Our plagiarism checker tool is one of the most accurate results-producing software that displays authentic results in real-time. Authentic results mean that it does not play any kind of magic tricks, nor it would identify unreasonable duplication in your content. 

  • Free to use

Our tools finest feature is that it is the best free plagiarism checker that is totally free to access for all of you. It will cost nothing so you can scan your files for plagiarism as much as you want. All you need to do is go to our website and open the plagiarism checker tool and start using it. 

  • Uploading a file

Along with the copy-pasting options, you are offered to upload the URL or file for a speedy and free plagiarism check without wasting much time.

  • Quick and efficient outcomes

Our free tool is focused on finding even the lowest amount of plagiarism and provides you with incredibly valuable content pieces by identifying the duplicated text so that you can immediately rectify this matter. 

Our plagiarism checker is simple to use, and its produced results are considerably excellent than those obtained by paid alternatives. Moreover, our free Plagiarism detecting tool does not require registration or sign-in.

How to use's plagiarism detector?

The plagiarism checker tool by is the finest software to detect plagiarized or copied content around the web. You can make your content plagiarism free by following the simplest steps mentioned below; 

  • Go to
  • Upload a direct URL, a file, or just copy-paste your content into the provided box. 
  • Press on  Check Plagiarism and get your results in a split second with the percentage. 

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