Online Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing

Master's Degree in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential to the future of advertising. According to market research firm Forrester, digital marketing spending is projected to reach nearly $119 billion by 2021, nearly half of all advertising in the United States.

Digital marketing involves the use of social networks, websites, mobile phones and other digital platforms to promote a service or product. The public is increasingly using these mediums to consume and share information, making digital marketing even more important for businesses. Online digital marketers focus on topics such as search engine optimization, web analytics, and social media strategy, preparing them for careers ranging from digital strategist to marketing manager.

An online master in digital marketing program offers flexibility. for students who also have a job. Web-based programs often follow the same rigorous curriculum as physical courses and offer graduates similar opportunities for advancement. The online format is also ideal for students with additional commitments, such as child or family care, in addition to work and school hours.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Masters in Digital Marketing Online?

The master’s programs in online digital marketing they generally require 30 to 36 credits. Program length for full-time students typically ranges from 15 months to two years.

How much does a digital marketing master’s degree cost? ?

The cost of an online digital marketing degree depends on several factors. Residency in the state is an important consideration, as many colleges and universities charge higher fees for international students. However, some schools charge flat fees for online students, regardless of where they live. Tech fees are another big factor; These rates are common for online students, but not for physical students.

The cost per credit of an online Masters in Digital Marketing program generally ranges between $ 460 and $900. . . Students should expect to pay between $14,000 and $32,000 total for the tuition.

Admission Requirements for the Online Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing

Applicants for an online marketing masters degree should have a degree from an accredited university or college, although it does not always have to be related to marketing.

Applicants to some programs are required to submit a GMAT or GRE, however this requirement may be waived based on the applicant’s work experience or relevant academic achievements.

Choose an Accredited Online Digital Marketing Bachelor

Accreditation status is one of the most important considerations for prospective students. Colleges and universities in the United States receive accreditation from agencies recognized by the United States Department of Education; The accreditation process includes a comprehensive review of a school’s educational programs and student services.

A school’s accreditation affects credit transfer as well as a student’s eligibility for federal financial aid. Students must therefore ensure that the school proposed in the program has received national or regional accreditation.

Online Courses

Most Online Masters Programs in Marketing digital include social multimedia courses. Average. In these courses, students will learn how to run effective marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Digital marketing students also often take a course in search engine marketing and search engine optimization, which provides managers and strategists with digital marketing the necessary skills. Topics may include pay per click search, Google AdWords, sponsored site links and link building.

Some programs include a consumer behavior course in their core curriculum. In these courses, digital marketing students learn consumer psychology, which helps marketers predict and influence how audiences will respond to marketing strategies.

Graduation experience

Many online masters in digital marketing is a foundational project . Students use the knowledge and skills acquired in previous courses to design and implement a global project related to their field of study. The final version is usually completed in the later stages of the program.

Professional digital marketing organizations

Professional organizations offer a wide variety of valuable resources for students pursuing an online Masters in Digital Marketing, as well as those who have just graduated. Membership benefits often include access to online journals and trade publications, professional development opportunities, job postings, and in-person networking events. Below are three professional organizations for online marketing masters.

  • American Marketing Association: The AMA offers a student membership that provides access to an online career center, job board, and other resources, including webcasts, podcasts, and articles. The AMA also hosts an annual conference where students can network, enter contests, and win prizes.
  • Data Mapping & Marketing: DMA, formerly Direct Marketing Association dedicated to data engineers, data-inspired creative professionals and data-driven marketers. It has member communities for specific areas of marketing, including a mobile and digital community, as well as an integrated marketing community. The DMA also offers marketing certifications and certificate programs as well as online courses.
  • Internet Marketing Association: IMA offers free membership to equivalent college-educated professionals and Internet marketing career. There are also regular events for marketers.

Job prospects and salaries for graduates

Custom As Americans continue to invest billions of dollars annually in their digital marketing efforts, industry experts are still in high demand. Market research analysts, for example, are likely to see a significant increase in job opportunities in the coming years as companies increasingly rely on data and market research to understand and gather insights. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment will grow 23% between 2016 and 2026, about three times the average.

Anyone with a master’s degree in marketing or another related field should be in the best position to find a job.

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What can you do with a Master in Digital Marketing?

Students pursuing an online digital marketing master’s degree will be prepared to take on a variety of marketing roles, from research to leadership positions. The digital marketing skills they learn can also help them in creative and communications roles, including public relations, graphic design and content production.

  • Market research analyst: Market research analysts collect and analyze data on consumers, competitors and marketing trends to help a company successfully market its products or services. They usually need a bachelor’s degree in market research or a related field, while leadership positions or roles that require more technical research often require a master’s degree.
  • Digital strategist: Digital strategists create plans and content for a company’s online presence and outreach. They find new outlets for marketing; create digital style guides; track and analyze metrics; and create, edit, update and share digital content. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is required, and a master’s may be preferred by some employers. Applicants also typically need three to five years of experience in the industry, though those with strong digital skills in another field may be accepted.
  • Digital marketing manager: Digital marketing managers develop and execute marketing projects that align with a company’s goals. They create digital advertising strategies, and most of these managers hold events or campaigns to increase sales and brand loyalty. A bachelor’s degree is required, though a master’s degree in marketing is preferred. Hands-on experience with marketing and e-commerce is also a plus.
  • Chief marketing officer: Chief marketing officers create and maintain a company’s marketing and sales vision. They need to inspire their sales and marketing teams and also be able to effectively share and sell their vision to media and clients. CMOs need to be proactive and innovative when envisioning the company’s marketing and sales plans. Most CMOs need to hold an advanced degree in marketing or a related field and have a strong track record in sales and marketing. A minimum requirement of eight years of relevant work experience is also common.

Licensure and certification

Marketers can get certified by marketing organizations. For example, the IMA offers certifications in Internet marketing, while the AMA offers professional certifications in areas such as digital marketing, content marketing, and marketing management. DMA also offers a Certified Marketing Professional program covering topics such as email marketing, social media marketing, and web and search engine marketing.

Although the market research analyst does it. you don’t need it According to the BLS, many choose to become certified to advance professionally. The Insights Association, a merger of the Marketing Research Association and the Council of American Survey Research Organizations, offers these analysts a research professional certification.

What are the salaries of digital marketing graduates?

The estimated total salary for a digital marketing graduate in the United States is $69,385 per year, with the median salary being $64,387 per year. These numbers represent the median, or middle range, of our proprietary model for estimating total compensation and are based on salaries collected from our users.