Exploring AI Personality Profiling for B2B Marketing

Exploring AI Personality Profiling for B2B Marketing

Discover the benefits of AI-powered personality profiling, from reaching a broader audience to focusing on what your audience values ​​most.

All Every day we collect impressions of the people we meet. We evaluate your level of trustworthiness, credibility and friendliness based on our interactions.

In the business world, we often evaluate contacts based on their behavior (or their behavior). ‘T). Support what we promote. Will they be supporters or influencers? Will they be skeptical or feel threatened?

This can extend to any organization or industry. We describe organizations as “data-driven” or “research-driven” and industries as “innovative” or “slow” to understand how we can position ourselves and improve our messaging.

AI-based personality profiling tools allow us to better familiarize ourselves with a target group, segment or industry before even interacting with them. B2B marketing, which typically remains within reach of customers, can now encounter customers and account managers who have long-standing customer relationships. Find out what this means for B2B marketing organizations.

What are AI personality profiling tools?

When it comes to interacting with customers or potential customers, understanding preferences and behaviors is essential. Traditionally, this is done through surveys, focus groups or other forms of direct communication.

However, AI-based personality profiling tools offer a new and more effective way to gain insights into your target audience. They use algorithms to analyze various data points (e.g. social media activity, online searches, and even language patterns) to identify patterns and traits that indicate a person’s personality type. With this information, you can create more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

One of the biggest benefits of personality profiling using artificial intelligence is the ability to reach a wider audience. wide at the same time, the profile is always personalized. Message for every individual. In the past, developing different personalities and purchasing processes could take a lot of time and guesswork. Artificial intelligence tools can quickly and easily identify commonalities within your target group and develop targeted content.

Another advantage is the ability to discover hidden information about the target group. Corporate culture of an organization. By analyzing the personalities and behaviors of your management team, you can better understand their values ​​and priorities. This can help you adapt your message to company culture and present your solution in a way that resonates with decision makers.

How AI-powered personality profiling can transform your marketing strategy
We recently profiled the personalities of executives at a Fortune 500 company. board has contributed to this: given the greater diversity of people with different life experiences and perspectives, there is a field that has not yet become more diverse.

Perhaps best described as “birds of a feather flock together”: a person’s personality type often determines what job they have or what industry they work in. Of the executives we profiled, 21 out of 22 had the same personality type.

This is an extreme example of a focused personality type. Typically, we find only one dominant type in 60-70% of the management team. We also found a dominant personality type among Fortune 500 executives, who make up 58% of CEOs.

A homogeneous population is the dream of every marketer. This means a unified approach to messaging and content. Another benefit is understanding the company culture. The company we are presenting operates in the construction sector and the predominant personality type corresponds to that of the “project manager”.

Given the predominance of the personality type, yes can It should be assumed that corporate culture is an environment that promotes action. This pearl of wisdom is sales gold. This type of environment means that if it is not damaged it cannot be repaired.

Trying to sell something that is a “nice to have” will be practically impossible, but trying to sell something that is a “must have” will be. it should be easier. . Especially if you identify an urgent need or can demonstrate a benefit of the new solution.

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An opportunity to focus on what your audience values

Finding the “problem” and then presenting the business case arguments will capture your audience’s attention. The biggest benefit of understanding your personality is knowing your behavior and motivations.

For example, the “project manager” mentality is motivated by performance, career progression and recognition. His behavior is upside down, so you have to interrupt him to get his attention.

To do this, you should be guided by your personal content preferences (which are industry-specific case studies), as well as your business and usage. They also prefer references, i.e. colleagues in the same position and sector of activity.

All of this can be discovered, created and executed without the need to speak to a potential customer.

AI profiling tools are easy to use and can easily provide new insights into target groups. This opens the door to creating new personas, new purchasing paths and, above all, better content.

And do you know what a homogeneous population likes and what it knows more than marketing professionals? Cars. All this information can be fed into AI content generators.

Similar birds fly together and with artificial intelligence tools you can know exactly which species of birds you are hunting and how to knock them out of the sky. 

AI personality profiling alone is not enough

Personality profiles using artificial intelligence have their limitations. It is important to recognize that personality types are dynamic and can change. Furthermore, relying solely on data-driven insights can undermine empathy and a holistic understanding of the human experience.

Use AI personality profiles if you want to gain valuable information for your target group and improve your marketing campaigns. However, for a holistic approach, it is certainly necessary to integrate it with other research and communication methods.