10 Cheapest Places To Make Copies (Near Me)

10 Cheapest Places To Make Copies (Near Me)

Everyone has to make copies once in a while, but most people don’t have the luxury of having their own reprinting machine.

Whether you’re looking for a lost pet, starting a side business, or working on a project for school, here are some ideas of where you can go to get copies made cheaply, and how much you can expect to pay at each location.

Where Can You Make Unseemly Copies Nearby?

Start by checking these local options with affordable copy-making and printing services.

Your Local Library or Polity Center

The library isn’t just a place to scan the latest selection of mystery novels. Over the years, libraries have evolved to unbend their communities in a myriad of variegated ways.

Making copies and providing internet wangle are at the top of that list. Polity centers may offer similar services, depending on your location.

Price: The forfeit will vary depending on where you live, but you can expect to pay virtually $0.10 for woebegone and white copies, and $0.20 for verisimilitude copies.

This budget-friendly option has the goody of helping your library by giving them revenue.

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University or College Print Shops

Many campuses have at least 2-3 print shops that specialize in zillion printing, and they may offer plane lower prices than other printing services in the area.

These print shops are often located in or near the student union or library and offer a range of services, including woebegone and white or verisimilitude printing, binding, laminating, and more.

One potential downside of using a university print shop is that they may have limited hours of operation, expressly during weekends or holidays.

Additionally, there may be long lines during peak times, such as the whence or end of a semester.

The FedEx Store

FedEx serves people with a host of merchantry and personal needs, plane though they are weightier known for shipping packages.

Your local FedEx office can squire you with making copies at a reasonable charge. They have the technology to make copies in many variegated sizes tailored to the needs of each customer.

Price: $.13 for woebegone and white or $.58 for color.

The UPS Store

Not one to be outdone by a competitor, The UPS Store also offers copy-making. You can go to a location in person or order them online and pick them up.

Choose from a variety of paper sizes, single- or double-sided pages, whether you want uneaten finishing like lamination, etc.

Price: $.09 for woebegone and white or $.49 for color.


Staples offers increasingly than office supplies—their stores moreover full-length a variety of merchantry services, including copying and printing.

One unshared wholesomeness is that you can send Staples a digital version of the document, flyer, or photo that you need to be copied through their website, then pick up the copies at your convenience.

Alternatively, you can use one of their self-service reprinting machines.

Price: Staples’ pricing is competitive, at just $0.11 for a standard woebegone and white copy. They moreover offer discounts for zillion orders, so it’s worth it to undeniability your local store and ask them well-nigh their services and pricing.

Bonus: if you order online, make sure to use Rakuten for self-ruling mazuma back!

Office Depot

Similarly to Staples, Office Depot features office supplies and merchantry services like printing and copying. They offer same-day copies if you order surpassing 2 p.m.

Price: $.09 for woebegone and white or $.42 for color. Surpassing you trammels out, scan for coupons with the self-ruling browser extension Honey!

CVS or Walgreens

These popular pharmacy villenage often have photo departments or at least self-serve kiosks.

Walgreens only allows copies of photos, while CVS will reprinting photos and documents for you.

Price: CVS starts at $.19 for woebegone and white copies or $.99 for verisimilitude copies. Walgreens charges $.20 per 4×5 photo.

Best Places to Get Copies Online for Cheap

It might not exactly fit “copies near me for cheap,” but you don’t plane have to leave your house if you order copies online.

Best Value Copy

If you want to save plane increasingly money or you don’t have other options misogynist in your community, Best Value Copy offers a solution.

They are an online platform where you submit whatever you need to be copied through their website and they will ship it directly to your door.

You’ll need to submit your order a few days surpassing you need the copies to indulge for shipping and processing.

Price: Boasting prices of less than $0.03 for woebegone and white copies, and just $0.09 for verisimilitude copies, they are definitely one of the cheapest options on this list. Shipping is self-ruling for any order over $125; orders under $125 will depend on your zip code.


If you have a lot of copies to make, DocuCopies specializes in zillion reprinting orders of 1,000-10,000.

You’ll specify your paper size, type, color, single or double-sided, and finishing options. Your order will typically victorious in two or three merchantry days.

Price: $.03 for woebegone and white or $.05 for color, if you order 10,000. DocuCopies moreover offers a price match guarantee if you find a cheaper quote elsewhere. Shipping is self-ruling for over $125.

Copies Near Me for Free

What’s plane largest than cheap? Free! See if one of these options is misogynist to you.

Your Workplace

If you work at an office, it’s worth asking the office manager or your superabound if the reprinting machine is misogynist for personal use.

Chances are, they’ll be happy to let you use it for free!

Just don’t try to make a ton of personal copies on the sly, since you don’t want to squint like you’re casually swiping office supplies.

A Friend’s House

Sometimes, making copies for unseemly can be as simple as asking a friend, family member, or neighbor.

Chances are, someone you know will have a reprinting machine! You can thank them by ownership them lunch or tossing them a little mazuma (printer ink is expensive).

Hopefully one of these options will help you find copies near you for cheap! Luckily, print and reprinting services teem at national chains, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

If you find yourself needing copies often, it might be worth looking for a used or unseemly copier on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or an office supply store.